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  1. Netflix - The Sea Beast
  2. Nos Energy - Overdrive
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Bumble Bee Tuna
  5. Nestle Toll House
  6. Bushmills Red
  7. Bud Light Dive Bar Tour
  8. Nos Energy -Trust Drives
  9. Natty Light
  10. NASCAR Playoffs
  11. Popsicle
  12. Carl’s Jr
  13. Nos Energy - Rift
  14. Dove Men + Care Sport
  15. Full Throttle -soon
  16. Google -soon
  17. Invitae -soon

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  1. Boat People
  2. Still Love You
  3. Custom Kicks
  4. Giant Kaiju Movie
  5. six------feet -soon
  6. Fresh 2 Death -soon
  7. Album Collages -soon
  8. We’ll Feel It Again -soon
10.NASCAR Playoffs
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the helmet

Agency: Carrot Creative

Second-tier sports like tennis, golf, boxing, and NASCAR certainly have
passionate groups of fans, but outside of them, casual interest is pretty
low and they’re having a really tough time acquiring new viewers and interest. 

So, we stopped asking the same boring questions like, “How does it feel to go
super fast?” and started asking them deeper questions like, “How fast can you
mow your lawn?”

Nooow you have my attention.

(I wish I still had all the footage that didn’t get by legal)

Digital Video //

Up close and in personal, the NASCAR playoff drivers let it all hang out in a dramatic retelling for the ages.

Spot 1 Ryan Blaney
  Finally, a reason to have kids!

Spot 2 Ryan Newman
   Nerves of steel, man. Nerves of steel.

Spot 3 Brad Keselowski
   Ah, so that’s how he learned to hold it for 5 hour races.

Spot 4 Spirit Animal
   The drivers ponder a deep metaphorical representation.

Spot 5 Kurt Busch
   Air Draft Jesus, take the wheel.

Spot 3 “I” States
   Joey Logano takes the gang to school.

 Made with ︎︎︎︎︎     CD: Mike Zuckerman   AD: Frank Garguilo