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You know it, you love it....
  1. Netflix - The Sea Beast
  2. Nos Energy - Overdrive
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Bumble Bee Tuna
  5. Nestle Toll House
  6. Bushmills Red
  7. Bud Light Dive Bar Tour
  8. Nos Energy -Trust Drives
  9. Natty Light
  10. NASCAR Playoffs
  11. Popsicle
  12. Carl’s Jr
  13. Nos Energy - Rift
  14. Dove Men + Care Sport
  15. Full Throttle -soon
  16. Google -soon
  17. Invitae -soon

I make it, I love it....
  1. Boat People
  2. Still Love You
  3. Custom Kicks
  4. Giant Kaiju Movie
  5. six------feet -soon
  6. Fresh 2 Death -soon
  7. Album Collages -soon
  8. We’ll Feel It Again -soon
1.Custom Kicks
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2017-∞ // CUSTOM KICKS 
Made be me, worn by others.

I love Nike.

Sometimes after I buy a pair, I destroy them.
Then, build them back up.

Then, lie to kids on the subway and say they're super limited releases.

I use high tech tools like pliers, a needle+thread, and whatever I think is cool. 

Want a pair?  ︎Hit me up︎

The Kicks //

I still can’t dunk, in case you were wondering. The shoes are getting cooler though.

Pair 1 Garage Sale Mambas
  These AF1 mids were made from an old snakeskin I bought at a garage sale for $2 and a classic white on white colorway.
 Fingers injured : 2

Pair 2 Nut Crackers
  These mids were made from recycled swooshes from another pair of AF-1's, a paint marker, and the ribbon off of a bag of pistachios my mom put in my stocking for Christmas. Man, I love my mom. 
Fingers injured : 1

Made with ︎︎︎︎︎   A lot of weird stuff and a lot of patience