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6.Bushmills Whiskey
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It’s their

Agency: VICE/Virtue

Not their history, rolling green hills , folklore, guy standing on
a farm with an accent, blah, blah, blahhhhhhhh.

The world is quite tired of the same old Irish whiskey ad formula:

{Ireland} + √history - originality ≠ entertainment

Bushmills, the world's original Irish whiskey maker agreed.

So, we took 16 real redheads, accompanied them with music from
a killer Belfast punk band, and set them loose in the city to capture
Ireland's real spirit.

The rough, tough, gritty, hard-ass spirit that's seldom seen.

You know, the real one.

Press (click): Campaignlive , Forbes, AgencySpyHype Hunter,
PR newswire, Media Post, The Drum, Whiskey Experts, The Spirits Business

Broadcast //

Showing the world what a night out with Bushmills could set off. 

Spot  RED. SET. GO
   Shot onsite in Belfast, this unforgivingly energetic whiskey anthem set to Irish punk took viewers ripping through town with a pack of voracious, rowdy, red heads from dusk til’ dawn. We travel through Belfast’s alleyways, underground raves, tunnels and cobblestone streets, Are you ready? 

If the music gets you as jacked up as it gets me,

check out Belfast's very own Kid Karate. They ROCK.

                                                                      We shot everything on 8mm. Super cool

 Made with ︎︎︎︎︎  CD: Jess Toye ACD: Heather McTavish  CW: Will Stallmeyer AD: Frank Garguilo