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  1. Boat People
  2. Still Love You
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  4. Giant Kaiju Movie
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1.Boat People
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All aboard!
Next stop, hypothermia!

That’s right, with real pages. Sry Gen-Z.

The NYC Ferry is so popular, some people choose it as their transit of choice
over many other (much warmer) options during the dead of Winter.

That led to a crazy idea: freeze your ass off and document them like a psycho.

The book below is a collection of people coming to and going from DUMBO,
shot on disposable cameras with frozen fingers.

Read it online for free ︎here!︎

The Book //

Even after documenting these people, I still have no idea why anyone would choose the ferry in February. Guess some just like it cold!❄️

Here is how it feels to read a book about freezing temperatures in January, on a beach in Los Angeles in January.

Made with ︎︎︎︎︎   Joe Ferraro, Jake Matthews