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  1. Netflix - The Sea Beast
  2. Nos Energy - Overdrive
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Bumble Bee Tuna
  5. Nestle Toll House
  6. Bushmills Red
  7. Bud Light Dive Bar Tour
  8. Nos Energy -Trust Drives
  9. Natty Light
  10. NASCAR Playoffs
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  12. Carl’s Jr
  13. Nos Energy - Rift
  14. Dove Men + Care Sport
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  16. Google -soon
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  1. Boat People
  2. Still Love You
  3. Custom Kicks
  4. Giant Kaiju Movie
  5. six------feet -soon
  6. Fresh 2 Death -soon
  7. Album Collages -soon
  8. We’ll Feel It Again -soon
4.Bumble Bee Tuna
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Tuna does

Agency: The Many

We made the world rethink Bumble Bee by showing up in places
you don’t expect to see tuna but, frankly, where it totally belongs.

Seriously? Bumble Bee?


Broadcast //

Advertising and touting all the different amazing benefits Bumble Bee Tuna can offer your life. 

Spot 1 What Fuels You
   Lean protein rich tuna can help you push further than any gym sneaker could.

Spot 2 Get Your Melt On
   The newest, meltiest, most crave-worthy sandwich isn’t at from a fast food chain.

Spot 3 Trail Blazer
   The gear you decide to pack in could be the difference between triumph or peril.

Unexpected Influencer Unboxings //

We sent different category influencers (fast food reviews, survival/outdoorsmen, fitness, DIY cooking) Bumble Bee products disguised in genre-specific packaging to create the most unexpected reveal of all unboxing videos. Each box was inspired by a different Bumble Bee benefit, but all of them touted our tuna’s greatness.

Disguised as meal delivery
Fabricating a fast food brand

Packed with performance enhancers
For the outdoorsmen influencer in your life

Foodbeast Partnership //

Another boring recipe that looks like it was pulled from the depths of Pinterest? No thanks. We partnered with Foodbeast to create truly unexpected, insanely delicious tuna creations to get minds whirring and stomachs rumbling. Except for the tuna-tini. God have mercy on our souls. 

Social //

On social, we pitted Bumble Bee’s benefits up against people’s go-tos and created thumb-stopping ads that put tuna in uncharted contexts.

New Identity + Website //

Looks like you can teach a 125 year old fish some new tricks. Check it out

Get out there and Tuna Proudly my friends. 

Made with ︎︎︎︎︎  A CDs: Ashley Milholin + Annie Johnston  CW: Noah Sackstder  AD: Frank Garguilo