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14.Dove Men +Care Sportcare
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Showing up, 
not showing off.

Agency: VICE/Virtue

Dove Men+Care was about to launch it's first ever SportCare range in early 2019, arriving
super late to a market already overcrowded by competitors.

So, when Dove tasked us to create a global launch campaign that would entice their 30-something,
non-high performance, non-super athlete, unmotivated by gainzzz, not thirsting for wins, target
market to give their new products a try, we knew we’d have to break through the sea of the same
formulaic sporty ads and resonate with men on a more realistic level.

Turns out many normal guys aren’t playing sports for the love of competition or winning, but for
the camaraderie of being part of a team and being a reliable figure for their friends and family.

So instead of championing self-motivated, performance-obsessed pros like every other brand,
we decided to flip the script and cast real active men playing supporting roles in the lives of
others on and off the field. These dudes were real coaches, fathers, and team coaches.
(Also seasoned shower takers.)

Cue the CARE! 

Global Broadcast //

No matter where you were on the globe, you couldn’t escape the reminder to take a shower and use deoderant.

Spot 1 Sportcare Master Brand
   Designed for all the positions you play in life.

Spot 2 Sportcare Deoderant
   From in front of the goal, to behind the team.

Spot 3 Sportcare Bodywash
   Treat your skin right, and you’ll always be ready for another round.

Advertising Week Conference //

The spots were so well received for portraying real men in non-toxic mentoring roles, that it lead an informative panel at NYC's Advertising Week. The presentation championed and showcased how other male-targeted brands could choose to present men in a real, attainable, and positive light.

︎Event Link︎

Some Shoot Shots //

Filmed in beautiful Uruguay, the sights, scenes, and showers were truly breathtaking.

Safe to say our talent, Facundo, was clean after his 40th scrubdown↑ 

Diego and his (now world famous) JV Soccer team

I’ve never felt shorter↑ 

This is Facundo's nephew, Pablo. He threw up on set

And took a nap

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