The last thing anyone should see before they die is the back of a police car.

We were challenged to find a new way to use wearable technology and were simultaneously bombarded with news stories about deaths in police custody, so we created a concept for a piece of technology that merged two unlikely things: fitness trackers and handcuffs. Below is a brief overview of the concept – the full film is available here.


The Stress of Arrest

In our research, we discovered that just the act of being restrained (placing your arms behind your body) increases the demands on your heart and respiratory system. Add this to the normal stress of being arrested, and suddenly the use of handcuffs becomes a real health risk.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 4.31.58 PM

The Technology

Heart-rate sensors are now widespread and inexpensive thanks to the rise of fitness tracking technology. We’ve applied this heart monitoring capability to handcuffs.


Officer Notification

The handcuffs communicate with the computer in the police car. If a person’s heart rate becomes irregular or drops to an unsafe level, officers are alerted at their computer and by radio.


ADs: Frank Garguilo + Jansen Yoder

CWs: Conor McFarland + Elizabeth Bassett